Saturday, October 27, 2007

cuffs and covers

Last summer, my hockey pal, Barb, taught me how to hem pants. I don't think she believed that my excitement was genuine when I finished the first pant leg. Being 5'3", I've taken many pairs of pants to the seamstress and at roughly $15 a pop, it sure adds up. Since then, I've hemmed a few more pairs and, today, evolved to adding a tailored cuff to my slacks. It was easier than I expected and added a little flair to otherwise, plain ol' slacks. Today's fun project was a new cover for woobie using the Modern Petal fabric by Westminster Fibers which I've been wanting to use since I brought it home. I was also able to fulfill a promise of an Xbox cover for you know who with a cute outer space motif fabric from Joann.

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