Friday, November 26, 2010

happy turkey

Ah, we're catching our breath this holiday weekend with no plans and four days of doing whatever comes to mind. Correction, I had one thing planned -- having an untraditional Thanksgiving meal at a nearby brewpub. Unfortunately, it was closed for the holiday and will have to happen another day.

After a series of failed attempts to do other stuff around town which were also closed due to the holiday, we headed home and prepared what ended up being a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner, from the roasted bird to Brian's marshmallow delight. We also had a very special holiday character gobbling around the house -- our very own turkey!

Monday, November 15, 2010

one year old

What a wonderful journey it's been to reach this milestone!

It doesn't seem that long ago when I approached Brian with a dumbfounded look on my face (so he says!) to let him know that I was pregnant. Since then, we've had new experiences every month.

This past month, Cole has become very mobile. He's not quite walking, but if he has something to hold onto, he's off. Three days after his birthday he stood up on his own in the middle of the room. Not quite sure of what he just accomplished, he sat down and did it again right away. This time, he looked straight at me with a huge smile.

I love that he wiggles his little body whenever he hears any kind of music -- from his toys, commercials, one of us humming...oh, and he hums to himself -- or if you simply ask him to dance. He's a pro with his tambourine and maracas and can turn anything into a drum (even his dad's belly!).

Two days ago, Cole discovered how to nod "yes". He also learned how to spit out food he doesn't like. Coupled with a raspberry, each meal time now requires a thorough wipe down of our entire table. And who taught Cole how to tickle mom!?!

It's all really too cute for words! Thank you, Cole, for such a wonderful year. You are my sunshine. Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 1, 2010

treats and treats

Halloween is the last of Cole's "First" holidays since our baby boy will soon turn one.

We started our holiday weekend carving pumpkins. Our carving ambitions were high, but quickly turned to tried and true jack-o-lanterns when the little spinny wheel in our carving set didn't quite follow the outline of our designs. Our Halloween day started off with a spooktacular breakfast! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Cole helped measure out the ingredients for our pumpkin pecan pancakes. They turned out yummy! Even Grandma enjoyed them and she's not a pumpkin fan. After naptime, we headed out for a photographer's studio to capture this last first. We just got the proofs today, but they've got nothing on the classic shot we captured at home when his costume arrived in the mail. Surprisingly since then, he's tolerated the headpiece and we were able to take our little monkey trick or treating at the neighbors'. Here's a pic of him ready for his first treat with a very friendly witch, Maryann. At our last neighbor's house, one of the kids pulled a fast one on Brian and trick or treated out of Cole's bag and took my Now & Later! hmph. At least he didn't get the Smarties. We'll have to keep the goodies away from Cole especially since he now has seven teeth!

Cole shares the next "First" with many of you...watching the Giants win the World Series! Congrats, Giants!