Wednesday, July 28, 2010

first laptop

I've been holding off on getting this for Cole 'cause I didn't want to be that geeky mom, but each time I'm on my laptop it seems so unfair to tease him with the key tapping noises that make it seem like a big toy. However, when I thought it was harmless to let him play with my keyboard, I lost my left shift key. Those little fingers sure do get in there quite easily! Auntie Winn learned this lesson the hard way when she chose not to heed my warning when we were in the Bay Area for a visit. At first, she thought it was the cutest thing to watch Cole type away on her laptop until she lost the enter key.

Now that he's a lot more curious and determined to reach out for the things he wants (read: my things), I arrived home with his first laptop.

He couldn't contain his excitement with his first keystrokes. His reaction ranks up there with the best so far. He couldn't even use his "words" and just kept humming "mmm, mmm, mmm". Occasionally he'd stop and just give a big toothy grin. Adorable!

I'm sure if there was an internet for babies he'd have blogged, tweeted, and updated his status about his new device before bedtime.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eight months old

We have one monkey in a barrel. When I bought this ottoman I thought it'd be a nifty source of extra storage. I just didn't think we'd be storing Cole in it. Leave it up to Cole and his dad to come up with fun games. The other game they showed me this morning was Cole as a Scone where he wears our (acrylic) cake dome as a hat.