Sunday, April 25, 2010


w: With the rainy days (and hail!) behind us, we blew off our chores and spent the day at the Wild Animal Park. It was Cole and Grandma's first time. Both really enjoyed Lorikeet Landing where one birdie decided it liked perching on Grandma's head.

a: New item on the menu - avocado! yummy. Good thing the high chair that'll be arriving tomorrow is green.

p: Started off with a foggy, cold morning, then turned into a bright, sunny day. The crystal waters of the pool have been taunting us for months. The first time we dipped Cole's toes in the water last month, he cried. Today, he was ready to jump in it seemed. It's still a bit too cold, but was warm enough for all of us to wade around waist deep.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

leaning over

This has been a big week for us.

We're tackling having Cole learn to sleep on his own. I thought I'd buckle the first night hearing him cry but, as others who have gone down this road have assured me, it's getting better (but not necessarily easier). For every minute he cries, I cry twice as long it seems. Tonight, after a short bedtime story and a few fussy cries to let me know he was sleepy, I set the little guy down in his crib. He stirred a couple of times, gave me one last wide-eyed glance, then tilted his head to the side and fell asleep. Hooray! Now, I don't have to cry myself to sleep either.

We've also introduced rice cereal to his menu. The first couple of times, most of the cereal ended up on the tray, him, or me. Once he got it though, he finishing all that was in his bowl. It still gets everywhere, but most of it does end up in his tummy. This morning, I pulled my laptop out of my bag and it was splattered with cereal from yesterday's meal time. I was so proud.

Earlier this week, Cole wanted to be upright more often. When propped up with his arms in front, he was able to hold himself up for a little while. Shortly, he would lean over, but was content with that position. He's getting the hang of it a little more and isn't tipping over as much.

Whew, lots going on. No wonder he fell asleep so easily.

Friday, April 16, 2010

baby rattle-r

I was in the living room feeding Cole shortly after work when Brian walked in from the backyard looking aimlessly into the air holding the golf club we inherited from the previous house owners. He was thinking of ideas for a vessel to capture...a baby rattle snake. eeks! We keep the golf club near the pool pump 'cause that's where the pool guy found a rattler last summer right before we closed on the house.

After several attempts to contact an animal control agency on a Friday afternoon, he ended up calling our local fire department. Since the fire station is just a few blocks away, a pumper truck (which we learned from our adorable three year old neighbor, Simone) pulled up in front of our house in a few minutes. The captain and two other firefighters headed out to the pool pump and handled the situation in a jiffy. Unfortunately, for the little rattler, they aren't allowed to catch and release venomous snakes. Apparently, it's that time of year when rattle snakes come out. This was their second call today.

Cole's picture has nothing to do with today's incident. I just happened to take pictures of him right before this all happened to capture him doing his two favorite thing these days -- gnawing on his burp cloth and grabbing his toes. Soon, his toes will be making it into his mouth. I've seen him get close the past couple of days.

l is for lumpia

I love this shirt. It was a present from Auntie Michelle who recently delivered Baby Kealani. (...still waiting for pictures)! When we received it in the mail, Cole was just a few weeks old and Grandma just finished making a batch. The mound of perfectly rolled lumpias towered over little Cole. Not any more.

Today's program was brought to you by the number 5. :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

five months old

Is it me or did this past month fly by? Might have something to do with that big distraction called "work". We've been adjusting to my schedule and I feel lucky to be able to come home for lunch every day to hang out with Cole.

We've also had lots of visitors this month. Every week brought someone new. Lucky us! Cole was always ready to impress showing off his new found skills to everyone. When the Mayekawas and Auntie Winn were here he was reaching for things, pushing off against Uncle Bobby's hands during tummy time, grabbing his toes, and eager to stand when propped up. The week after, he rolled over! He showed Auntie Jen how well he could hold things with both hands. More rolling when Auntie Virgie was here. Auntie Lissa missed out 'cause she only stopped by for a short while close to his bed time. That'll teach her. On Easter, we had a nice lunch with Grandma in sunny Del Mar.

Cole's also moved into his crib in his own room this month. The first week went well, but this past week he's been waking up more frequently. We think he's teething, though our ped says otherwise. Yes, there's more drooling. He also prefers to nurse over the bottle and wakes up more frequently to do so throughout the night. He really likes to bite down on my washcloth-covered finger. Though his fave continues to be stuffing his burp cloth in his mouth, except nowadays, he's really biting down on it.

He's growing fast, but I still find ways to keep him in duckie feet. Love these things!