Friday, April 16, 2010

baby rattle-r

I was in the living room feeding Cole shortly after work when Brian walked in from the backyard looking aimlessly into the air holding the golf club we inherited from the previous house owners. He was thinking of ideas for a vessel to capture...a baby rattle snake. eeks! We keep the golf club near the pool pump 'cause that's where the pool guy found a rattler last summer right before we closed on the house.

After several attempts to contact an animal control agency on a Friday afternoon, he ended up calling our local fire department. Since the fire station is just a few blocks away, a pumper truck (which we learned from our adorable three year old neighbor, Simone) pulled up in front of our house in a few minutes. The captain and two other firefighters headed out to the pool pump and handled the situation in a jiffy. Unfortunately, for the little rattler, they aren't allowed to catch and release venomous snakes. Apparently, it's that time of year when rattle snakes come out. This was their second call today.

Cole's picture has nothing to do with today's incident. I just happened to take pictures of him right before this all happened to capture him doing his two favorite thing these days -- gnawing on his burp cloth and grabbing his toes. Soon, his toes will be making it into his mouth. I've seen him get close the past couple of days.

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