Sunday, June 28, 2009

open season for shopping

We've been slowly leaking the news out about our bun in the oven. Due to my "advanced maternal age", our discussions with the docs have typically included identifying risks. Though I'm trying to enjoy my first experience, as you can imagine, this has caused a lot of anxiety as we wait for screening and test results. This week, we crossed one of our big hurdles and have received "good news" about our amnio results. whew.

To celebrate this milestone, I broke out my first preggo wear -- a pair of shorts from Tar-jay. They're still a bit big for me, but my regular shorts have gotten tight. There's no point in being uncomfortable, especially while lazing around on the weekend.

We also made our first baby purchase this morning, whoo. I found a listing for a Frog stroller on craigs. After researching the specs and reading reviews, it sounded like a good buy, esp. at a used price. It appears to be very gently used, practically new. score. We probably won't be buying much else until we can find a new home (another big life change!) since storage space is at a premium in our current abode. It'll add to our dining room decor for now.

Auntie V has been waiting patiently with great restraint to start her shopping spree of baby clothes. Ready, set, go! Actually, we'd love it more if she diverts the funds toward plane tickets so that she can come and spend more time with us once the little one arrives. Those visits will be priceless.