Sunday, July 31, 2011


There's something about baby talk that is just so darn cute. Today, he expanded his color vocabulary with "yewoh". Earlier in the day, he said "banana" -- his first three syllable word. What a coincidence that the words are related. But the prize goes to his early morning request after finishing his milk, "I want more, please." Brian and I have learned something new practically every day about what our little one understands and can recite. We're thrilled and usually look at each other and say, "whoa" in amazement. In this picture, Cole wanted to "see! see!" the preview screen on the camera in my hand. I told him that there was nothing to see and that he had to "stand over there" so that I could take his picture to "see". He took a few steps away from me, turned around and said, "cheese." (whoa.) So cute though, right?