Sunday, August 31, 2008

how sweet it is

After a long break full of distractions, I'm finally getting back on the sewing track. During my weekend-long birthday celebration, my family and I found ourselves in Carlsbad and I had to show them the fun fabrics at Sowing Sisters. Barb, my instructor for my first quilt was there and got me excited about taking another class. The others were also caught with the bug, but delegated the projects to me and my mom who are the only ones who know how to sew (though I'd barely call myself a sewer yet). We left with patterns for an Amy Butler purse and two aprons with fabulous fabrics to work on the projects, of course.

Yesterday, my Sowing Sisters sewing sister, Linda (we were in the same quilting class), and I went to the San Diego Quilt Show. We spent the entire first half of the day at the show, leaving with more projects for ourselves. I found an easier apron kit and she's going to take on an Amy Butler quilt kit. We were walking down the aisle commiserating about our rookie quilting woes of lining up seams, so we were both so excited to find the quilt pattern she chose which didn't require lining up any seams! I was tempted to buy one as well, but figured I had plenty on my plate already and needed to get started on those took a lot of restraint to pass up the fabrics/kits I saw. After lunch a yummy garlicky shrimp burrito from Tin Fish across the street, we headed into the scrapbooking event back at the Convention Center which she had passed for.

I'm going to start cutting the fabrics for the Flirty Skirty apron tonight, after my next bass lesson from B. Learning how to play the bass is about as on track as my sewing progress...

I indulged in a summer day of plans to nowhere with B (it's Labor Day weekend after all!) before jumping back onboard the sewing train. We started the day hunting at the swap meet, then found ourselves on a long country drive to Julian. One of our great finds was this original painting titled "How Sweet It Is"...very fitting for our day!