Sunday, November 22, 2009

our first week home

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there's a light breeze, and all is well in Poway!

THANK YOU to Grandma (x2), Grandpa, Chris, Nic, and Diondra for your help and support! There is no way we would've been able to be here, in our new home, without you.

Day 1:
  • Welcome home, Cole! yay!
Day 2:
  • 8:00 am - Moving day. (Because we didn't think bringing home baby as new parents wasn't challenging enough...) Boxes everywhere.
  • First visit with the pediatrician. Jaundice is coming back. Need to get checked again tomorrow.
  • Feeding times every two hours...really?
Day 3:
  • Jaundice is back and we need to use a biliblanket. Though it was tough to have a layer of separation between us, I was glad to be able to have him home with us instead of under the bright lights in an acrylic box back in the hospital.
  • Brian and I are delirious from lack of sleep, but are honing our note taking skills. Does it matter that we don't remember writing down most of the stuff we logged?
  • Unpacking the kitchen -- Chris, Nic, and Grandma have been unpacking? Wow, thanks! I didn't even notice the activity in the house.
Day 4:
  • Hormones are taking me for a ride - I cry alligator tears of joy every time I look at Cole and/or Brian (how'd I get this lucky?), then have a giggle fit when I mistakenly think a security guard is a fireman at Target (Virgie: Think back row of the 29 Sunset)
  • Continue to try to fit in errands/tasks between feedings
Day 5:
  • Yay, poop! I know this will be the last time we will ever be thankful to see poop.
  • Whew, our first day without any dr. appts or errands/tasks on our plate. I can't remember what happened this day though.
  • Still delirious - Things we find while unpacking disappear again before we reach the destination for that object. "Can you call my wallet?" Too bad this only works for phones.
Day 6:
  • Beginning to get my head out of the sleep deprived fog...feeling somewhat alive again
  • Another yay! -- lab results are good and the biliblanket is history! I get to hold my baby close to me again!
  • Bye, Chris and Nic! Thanks for coming over to look, just look, at Cole :-P
Day 7:
  • Our first somewhat normal day. We actually have a table cleared and ready for dinner and watch tv together. Correction, I sit in front of the tv and fall asleep...only to be woken up by the little one's desire to feed.
I'm the happiest gal alive and have SO much to be thankful for!