Wednesday, October 13, 2010

eleven months old

Today is a double celebration day because it's Daddy-O's birthday too! Unfortunately, I'm away at a conference and will have to wait until the end of the week to celebrate with my two guys.

This month, Cole has been expanding his vocabulary. He's got "mama" down pat. Most of the time he uses it to call out to me, but sometimes, it means box, chair, or whatever is in front of him. He added "dada" last week. Once in a while it sounds like he also says "hi". His favorite sound to make seems to be dribbling his fingers against his mouth. At lunch with grandma this weekend, Cole discovered how to use a straw to sip water.

During our recent visit to the Bay Area, Cole met his great-grandma, great-aunt, and our SF posse. We spent one afternoon at the Children's Park, then had his first ride on a carousel. Later that week, he squealed and laughed at the fish at the CA Academy of Science. We also learned just how good of a traveler he is that week from the plane rides and zipping around the Bay Area throughout the week.