Sunday, January 31, 2010

queen redux plus one

We had another Grandparents' Weekend. The original plan was to spend the day at the Wild Animal Park, but an unexpected growth spurt feeding schedule on Friday night called for a change in plans. Having been up every hour, I probably would've been the roarin' crankmeister louder than any of the animals at the park before we could reach Lorikeet Landing.

A short drive up to Kit Carson Park with a short walk on a trail led us to Queen Califia's Magical Circle. The last time we were here I was 24 weeks preggo. This trip gave us a chance to take an updated picture with the little one held in our arms instead.

Our day out ended with a late lunch at the Elephant Bar, one of grandpa's faves. Hmm, we stayed within the wild animal theme after all.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

midnight sunshine

A few times last week, Le Bebe treated me to bouts of laughter as he dozed into baby dreamland. Makes you wonder what's going on in his young mind. Probably goes something like this, "Hey, remember that time Mr. Penguin was bobbing his head up and down? Then, he flapped his flippers. ha.ha. What a joker!" (No Batman puns intended.)

Yes, he's wearing a cape. He's my favorite little super hero.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

two months old

Our house was abuzz this past month with holiday activities and many, many visitors who were anxious to meet the little one. Lucky boy! It was one of those time periods which seemed to span a long time yet flew by in a flash. During that time blip, Cole outgrew his newborn clothes, started cooing and flashing his sweet smile, and began to recognize high contrast objects. He's become good pals with Mr. Penguin. (Brian is convinced Cole's scared of his black-framed glasses...I think it's the loud, scary noises he makes when they're playing.) Cole is two months old today!