Sunday, October 14, 2007

I spy an eye

For Brian's birthday, he mapped out a bunch of thrift shops for us to explore which took us to areas of the city we haven't checked out yet. Lunchtime was obvious when the crankster in me began to show itself. The closest place to eat was It's a Taco Shop, which could pass for a Clowns Gone Bad outpost with its red and yellow striped exterior. We feasted on a carne asada burrito which was basically a bunch of chopped up meat with guac rolled up in a tortilla. I can't imagine eating a whole one by was a lot of meat. Tastes great when you're hungry, but ten minutes later, you can really feel carrying around that meat wad in your belly. Eventually, we ended up in the North Park neighborhood next door to ours. I love how the older neighborhoods have signs as you enter them. A mural in an alley near 30th Ave. and University caught my eye. You can't see it in this pic, but the artist really showed good lighting effects.

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Ed said...

Kharmen! good to hear from you!