Sunday, October 21, 2007

taking a breather

Friday, I took a "day off". Sounds funny since every day has been a day off since we moved from Vancouver, but that day, I consciously took a day to relax and just enjoy myself. No thoughts of to-do lists, laundry, sewing projects and, thankfully, job hunting. It's been a nice luxury to take time off between jobs, however, the time has come for me to rejoin the workforce.

I started the countdown of time off remaining with a special day to myself. Of course, I had to indulge in a stop at Anthropologie. Then, I treated myself to a sit down lunch on the patio where I'm sure I paid too much for a Mexican lunch this far South. The margaritas on the other tables looked refreshing, but going solo meant being my own designated driver. I wasn't envious for long 'cause once I was seated, I was immersed in my own little sunshiney world with my headphones on, flipping through Sew What! Skirts, my latest goodie which arrived in the mail. The reviews have been positive for this book and it sounds almost foolproof (read: up my alley). Once I got my fill of fajitas and skirt designs, I hopped over to Sowing Sisters in Carlsbad for even more inspiration. They had a few skirts displayed which looked familiarly like the ones in my book. It must be a sign of my next sewing project. Last stop was a visit to my cousin's in Oceanside where I was delighted by the cutest toddler twins, Maya and Evan. So adorable(!) and so inspiring for a sweet handcrafted surprise in the future, I'm sure.

Now that we're a bit more settled in our plans to stick around here, we're faced with the task which has been looming over our heads for the past six months...unpacking. It's a welcomed improvement to be able to reclaim the other room as livable space and especially to have our things out of boxes (and find out what I didn't sell during my mad rush to meet my move date). It sure was nice to take a break before doing so though...that's how we were able to capture a glimpse of this hummingbird on our walk around the 'hood who looks to be taking a little break of its own.

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