Tuesday, October 16, 2007

don't kill the messenger

Earlier this year, I learned how to make tote bags during a weekend class at Crafty Planet in NE Minneapolis ("Pop, pop, Rhonda!"). That's when I was introduced to Amy Butler fabrics. I was instantly inspired to learn how to sew just so that I can create something, anything with her fabulous prints. That day, I came home with my first tote bag and made two more before the end of the weekend. I moved on to a yoga mat bag later that week, then started on a matching messenger bag to take to the gym. The messenger bag was an ambitious project. It was more than just sewing two squares or finishing an edge on a big piece of fabric. I was almost done, but was cut short with the whirlwind move to Vancouver. So, into the moving box it went, where it traveled 3200 miles in six months. It shows its battle wounds from a novice sewer, but it's finally done! I'll take it for a test drive to the gym tonight.

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