Monday, November 5, 2007

not so easy breezy

After my first week back to the grind, I got a chance to try out the Sew What! Skirts book this weekend. I decided to make the Breezy Beach Skirt 'cause it's a wrap skirt. (I don't think I'm ready for zippers yet.)

I started off very optimistic, creating a pattern and sewing the waistband on. I even got through stitching in the ditch (I always wondered how that was done). Unfortunately, the final product was too big in the waist. When I tied it together, I looked like I pulled a sack on and cinched it with a Huck Finn rope belt. I thought I measured well, but I guess I must've miscalculated somewhere along the line. I was bummed 'cause the book and its reviews sounded like it was foolproof. I was bit relieved to read that someone else had the same gaff. Misery loves company...

The overall project took less than a couple of hours, so I'm encouraged to try again. I've been learning a lot about sewing these past few weeks with each project I do. Maybe I'll try to salvage this skirt with darts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kharmen, aren't you turning into a little Martha Stewart? Sounds like you are spending your time with lot's of fun projects.
I'm back from Hawaii into the cold, tonight another hockey game. We've been getting a lot of play-time because our team is much smaller this year!
Sorry I missed you in CA, but now I'll have an excuse to come to San Diego to visit!