Thursday, August 6, 2009

rocky road

Though I haven't had my usual pre-pregnancy sweet tooth cravings, my vices of chocolate and ice cream have stayed with me. It's been warm and humid lately...perfect ice cream weather! Last week, I discovered Breyer's Rocky Road and it's D-licious! It's got a malted flavor and the almonds are covered in chocolate.

I don't usually eat ice cream everyday, but have been helping myself to it for the past two weeks. So, I made an effort to stay away. This lasted for two days. Last night, I couldn't resist and had some ice cream last night. This stirred up quite a lot of activity from the baby in my belly.

As he was stirring around, B felt lots of his kicks as he placed his hand on my belly. A little while into it, I started feeling a new sensation with the baby's kicks. Wouldn't say it was comfortable...

More kicking, but this time it was on the other side of my belly. Ah ha! What I was feeling earlier was him moving around! Cool.

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