Friday, July 17, 2009

scoping out the 'hood

More good news! Today, our offer on the house we wanted was accepted! We decided to drive by the house this evening to check out the noise level of our soon-to-be cul-de-sac. Must've looked odd for the neighbors to see us sitting in our car with our windows down and not talking...just listening. Joy, the sounds we heard were the neighbor's kids hanging out with their dad in their front yard, our future neighbor getting something out of his garage (lots of good tools to borrow!), birds, and crickets! whew.

Tried out a local taco shop, El Ranchito. It's hard to get past the front door 'cause there's a balloon lady who sets up shop at the front table twisting animal shapes out of balloons which all the kids swarm too. Good place for food too. We'll be back, I'm sure.

It's been hot and humid all week, but this evening felt like a mild summer night with a warm breeze.

This pic is for you, Auntie V! Don't get your hopes up for weekly photo posts though...

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Caroline said...

Kharmen, you absolutely are glowing! Pregnancy becomes you and it sounds like your enjoying the experience. Hearing about all that your feeling reminds me of all the renewed hope I had when I was pregnant. Enjoy it while you can--the last trimester is the hardest so try to take a mini-vaca before then!