Friday, July 3, 2009

and so it begins...

Last night, Auntie V and Uncle D drove down to SD for dinner after a sunny day at The Happiest Place on Earth. Auntie V and I greeted each other at the door with a big hug. When Dave stepped up, I had to hug him 'cause his hands were full of bags. "Um, hi. What's all this?"

In true V-fashion, our quick hellos turned into an instant baby shower with a "windfall" of gifts. Seriously, I think she gave us enough clothes and blankies to last us through the first year...and this is only her first visit!

I think it was unanimous that the overall favorite piece was the Super Snapsuit, complete with cape. Too cute! We all wished in came in our sizes.

Needing sustenance from oohing and aahing over all the adorable things, we headed to Fidel's (yum, baby likes enchiladas!) where we laughed like old times. With a full belly, my bump was prominent and ready for it's first close-up. So, here it is! I can't believe how much I've popped in the past week...and I've started to feel "flutters". aww.

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