Thursday, October 29, 2009

womb sounds

Another trip to L&D due to high bp last night. This time, our OB (Dr. Dunn, a.k.a. "Double D" as we like to call him) was on call, so I got to skip the part about giving the doc my history. So the drill goes like this: Go into a room, provide a sample, lie on a bed, have the fetal monitor band velcroed around my belly, wait for the lab tech, "youch" a needle, bp goes down to levels lower than any I record at home, wait for the lab work, bp lowers even more, labs come back normal, "whew", head back home.

B theorizes that they're pumping something in the air ducts that lowers my bp. Since Double D was there, we got to joke around and run it past him. He actually beat us to the punch line and suggested there's a certain zen in the room that calms me down.

Curious to try to figure out what the magic formula is, my theory is that hearing the baby's heartbeat is the missing factor at home. Since then, I've been listening to the CD of womb sounds which I picked up anticipating the need for an arsenal of sleep aids for the baby. Seems to be helping! We got a two-fer on the CD - works on mama too. ha!

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