Monday, October 26, 2009

room to breathe

A couple of weeks ago, I was noticeably short of breath. It didn't matter if I just walked up the stairs to our front door, was talking in a meeting, or was simply sitting still. I know it's a common experience, but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. It didn't help that I just started taking meds to lower my blood pressure about the same time. Made it hard to determine what was causing the breathlessness. Maybe a combination of both?

Last week, after another visit to L&D to monitor my bp after another high reading, I was placed on modified bed rest. Eeks. At first it was hard to come to terms with having to stop working so abruptly (and three weeks earlier than expected!), but always knew where my priorities laid. Baby comes first.

On a call with my mom later in the week, she commented that I sounded like I was struggling less for breath while talking. She was right. I was able to take deeper breaths again. ah, lightening. Just another sign that we're coming along the final stretch...

We're on the final stretch on the house hunt as well. We've got a couple more checklist items left to complete this week, then will hopefully be able to close this Friday(!). The house has plenty of room and we're looking forward to having family and friends come for a visit.

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