Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week was baby week for us. We started taking childbirth classes, took a hospital tour, registry gifts are trickling in, and got to end the week with a belly painting!

I found out through my multi-talented prenatal yoga instructor, Shelly, that the UCSD Midwife Services is celebrating their 10th year and is offering a week's worth of free events. Of all the events, the belly painting/dance party sounded like the most fun. My co-worker, Mikala, thought the same, so we went together.

For my belly design, I wanted an underwater theme. I even wore my favorite mermaid/ocean-themed socks for inspiration. Shelly, who happened to be my belly artist as well, and I tossed around a couple of design ideas. When she suggested a merbaby, I was sold! Lots of women with fabulous belly designs. Mikala's "Bean" painting was adorable.

Following the painting, we had fun doing prenatal belly dancing. I felt a little hippy-dippy doing it at first, but after a few hip circles and shoulder shimmies I realized how good it felt. What a nice way to loosen up the joints and encourage movement and creating space for the little one in the belly.

The event was fabulous!

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