Thursday, September 10, 2009


When B came into the room to wake me up yesterday morning, I was already awake. The little bun woke me up a while earlier with lots of activity. B placed his hand on my tummy to check out what was going on in there and felt a rhythmic pulse. We were baffled. I motioned that maybe the little guy was punching around like a boxer in training which made us laugh at the silly scenario.

Later that evening, I took a look at a baby site my co-worker mentioned and read about what to expect at 27 weeks. Turns out the little guy had hiccups this morning! Ah, now that makes more sense than him training for a boxing match. So cute. Well, as cute as you can imagine a small being hiccuping in a sack of amniotic fluid.

My surprise for B arrived in the mail yesterday. Good timing since he's been so immersed in the PS3 these past couple of days. Guess I better be prepared to be outnumbered in this household by gamers.

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