Friday, January 2, 2009

lord have mercy

Holiday breaks spent with loved ones typically include mindless hours in front of the t.v. watching marathons of shows you didn't watch during the season (most for a good reason) and movies which didn't make the must-see list earlier in the year.

As I baked my test batches of Barefoot Contessa's pecan shortbread cookies, Steven Seagal's direct-to-video Kill Switch was playing in the background. This movie is priceless! I think his on again/off again accent is supposed to be Southern, but it sounds more like he's trying to channel his inner Isaac Hayes (who plays the Coroner). Now, imagine Steven Seagal referring to people as "Baby" using a Marky Mark intonation. In one scene, he used his long drawl to exclaim, "Lord have mercy!" three times. At one point, I almost thought he was going to call out to the po-po, but it was only half-baked as " the poh-lice". Not too surprised to find out that multi-talented Seagal wrote the script. (He's in a blues band too.) The fight scenes are just as awesome. While the stunt double is getting pounded, they splice in shots of Seagal throwin' punches and slicing the air with a knife.

Most memorable scene for me? When B pointed out that the bad guy and his soon-to-be victim enjoyed tea time before the crime and we noticed that we had the same exact tray. The tray was a thrift store find back in our old Hillcrest neighborhood and was featured as the background on one of my older posts.

What a way to start off my viewing experience for 2009. Let's hope I get back to sewing before I can get my hands on a copy of Above the Law when his accent changes to portray a master of Aikido.

Happy New Year!

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