Sunday, January 11, 2009

i won

Earlier this week, I received a call that my raffle ticket was the winning ticket for an opportunity quilt from the Country Loft. I've purchased so many raffle tickets for quilts that I really couldn't remember who they were or when I even entered their raffle, but I was totally excited to have won whatever it was. Turns out they had a booth at the past Race for the Cure in Balboa Park.

We picked the quilt up this weekend from their adorable shop which is a converted quaint house behind a white picket fence. The shop was chaotic and full of quilters. No sign of a recession in there. Turns out they were holding an Open House and the quilt enthusiasts were abuzz signing up for classes and buying supplies for new projects.

When I let one of the ladies know that I was there to pick up the quilt, the ears of the shop workers perked up and they all peeked in from various doorways to get a look at me. They seemed more excited than me!

The quilt is beautiful and filled with vibrant colors! They mentioned the quilt maker and quilters names, but I forgot them a few seconds after hearing them. Fortunately, one of the ladies suggested that they contact the quilt maker and have her create a label for me including the quilt pattern name too. They seemed happy to hear that I completed my first quilt last summer and made sure I had their class list in hand before leaving with the quilt.

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