Wednesday, March 18, 2009

itchin' for the kitchen

I've returned to Lady of Leisure status and recently got back from my trip to NYC to help my BFF get ready for her big move -- six blocks away from her current apartment. This was one of my favorite trips to NYC. I think it's 'cause I'm finally becoming familiar with the different "sides" of Manhattan.

I arrived with my list of restaurants and bakeries locked in my mind and had a plan. It was nice to visit my long-time fave, Angelica Kitchen, where I was reminded of their Dragon Bowl. This was a staple of mine back in the days when I was following a macrobiotic diet. I don't think I'll be going macro any time soon, but have started re-introducing the dragon bowl to my regular menu. I've already had my version of it twice since I got back!

Since I've returned, I've been on a cooking spree, inspired by my culinary holiday in NYC, making whatever comes to mind. I borrowed this book from the library and started my batch of no-knead bread right away. I've read raves about it on many blogs for some time and now I know why. The bread was so easy to make and was SO delicious. I think I have to ban myself from making the next batch 'cause I've been baking fresh bread every day ever since. We have been devouring each piece! B is boycotting the bread now because it's too easy to eat it all and he doesn't want to suffer the consequences of consuming all the extra carbs. One morning, he said he woke up with a bread hangover. ha.ha. I can't imagine not making this bread again, so I ordered the book.

While looking for supplies, I gravitated toward King Arthur flour. Originally, I was on their site for a plastic container to store the dough in the fridge, but ended up with their baking book as well. I'm planning on baking sandwich bread for B.

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