Monday, April 16, 2012

diapers, your days are numbered

I hope! For the past week, Cole has been using the potty at least 1x a day. Sorry for the TMI to non-parents, but this is a big deal for us. Seeing the light at the end of the diaper tunnel seemed so far away these past couple of years.

He's growing so fast! We are always surprised to hear him participate in our conversations, especially when he uses big words. A few weeks ago, he insisted on getting my cookbook off its stand so that he could "read the instwacshuns". hee.hee. His new thing last week was calling us by our various names -- daddy-o, Brian, father, mamasita, and Kharmen. He especially got a kick out of calling out "father", followed by "call me son."

Cole has also become the jokester. On our drives to school last week he'd quiz me on what the street light colors mean. He'd give me the wrong answer then tell me he's joking. And so it begins...

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