Saturday, January 21, 2012

bye bye no more

Cole has a tendency to burst out short exclamations in his sleep which gets me to the baby monitor to make sure he's okay and able to get back to sleep. Tonight, he blurted out that he needed his boat back. Um, no boat in sight. Another outburst woke him up enough that he sat up and asked for more milk. Nope, no milk around either. Both times, I went into his room to tuck him back in. The third time I was there was to pick up the milk cup I gave him. I thought he was back in Dreamland until he said, " You go bye-bye no more, Mama. You lie down." Even when he's half asleep, he melts my heart. Yes, I am sleeping in his room tonight cause I can't resist listening to him breathe and getting wafts of baby Cole scent.

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