Sunday, June 19, 2011

blue and two

This morning, Cole got the dvd in the Xbox to play. A coincidence of random buttons being pushed by a toddler? Maybe, but I couldn't figure it out with Brian showing me how to do it. Proud dad (Happy Father's Day!) sat next to his son later that day and asked, "Do you remember the sequence?" Thoughts of Cole searching the internet, or whatever the medium will be in his time, for cheats and maps for video games popped in my head. He checked out the controller a little bit then said, "blue", as he pointed to the blue button. This is big stuff, you guys. During story time this evening, he followed my cadence and said, "two" for every number I counted out loud of the fruits The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate that week. Wowzers! This kid is a super genius in the making.

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