Monday, September 13, 2010

ten months old

Last week, Cole took his first steps and tonight he said, "Momo". That's close enough for me!

His menu of food is expanding again now that he's able to chew chunkier food. Chicken and stars seem to be a new fave. This weekend he literally bit off more than he could chew of his teething cookie. I watched his head shake and body wiggle when he swallowed a piece of cookie that probably could've been chewed up a little more before going down the pipe. It's kinda funny to watch and scary at the same time.

Our baby proofing effort went into full swing over the Labor Day weekend -- shortly after we discovered that he could climb the entire flight of stairs on his own. Now, we live in a house with a series of gates. Maybe it'll be good early training for slalom skiing for Cole. After all, I was half joking about naming him Bodhi.

He's also growing into a great play mate. This morning, he and I had so much fun playing under our blanket fort. Grandma always giggles when Cole crawls through the round window of his play tent. He's also starting to strum and pluck the uke strings (even with his toes!) which is making his dad very proud. Up until now, it was a percussion instrument he banged on.

The funniest thing he did this month:
Cole likes to "sing". The Sound of Music was on in the background while we were rearranging furniture in our family room. During one the scenes Cole belted out a duet with one of the nuns! We were all so surprised and awesomely entertained!

He continues to fill the house with screams, loud cries, and most importantly his infectious laughter!

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