Thursday, May 13, 2010

six months old

He's a happy baby and a natural yogi. His gyan mudra must be working. Cole and I went to Baby and Me yoga the other week where he also showed off his happy baby pose and forward bend. (hee.hee.)

He's learned a lot of new skills this month with reaching out for things being his most practiced one. He reached out for the camera today and leaned very close toward the edge of the couch. We definitely have to keep a close watch on him these days.

He's also learned to roll over both ways but, he mostly rolls around in his sleep. I used to think his crib was a big space for such a little boy. wrong. He takes up practically every inch of the crib throughout the night. Boy, am I glad we've moved him to his own bed. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd be getting kicked and scooted over to a small sliver of the mattress.

On Mother's Day Cole and I were up early and chatting when he cooed "mum". Oh what a lovely gift on a special day! I told Brian when he woke up. Of course, he didn't believe me until he heard it himself. Okay, okay, so it was a happy coincidence that was the sound he made when he rubbed his seemingly itchy gums together. I'll take it!

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