Tuesday, September 2, 2008

press and sew

Even pressing the seams before sewing will take more practice for me. For this project, I had to press 1/8" seam, followed by a 1/4" along the waist and bib of the apron. The curved area was a bit forced and I the seam wasn't consistent in width. I thought it wouldn't matter too much, but when I used my machine's guide lines for 1/4", the fatter part of the seams didn't catch the fabric turned over for the 1/8" fold. In the future, I'll keep an eye for all straight lines for the pattern.

I completed the body and attached the pockets yesterday. I decided to minimize the rick rack to the top of the pockets. I was planning on lining the perimeter of the apron with the rick rack but when I laid it out on the table, it looked a bit too crafty.

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