Sunday, March 30, 2008

las floras

After a maze of freeways to avoid the big Dodgers 50th celebration, and a U-turn in Glendale for missing the 5 North, Tracy, Bob (B's parents) and I made our way to the Glendale Quilting Guild's 2008 show at the Marriott in Burbank yesterday.

Tracy noticed that there were a lot more quilts displayed which were quilted professionally than in past shows. She also noted that the quilts appeared to be more complex as well.

By far, our unanimous favorite quilt was the "Las Floras" quilt by Pat Rollie. It seems we weren't the only ones in awe because there always seemed to be a crowd in front of it, trying to comprehend the amount of work put into the piece. The judges must've also agreed since this quilt won First Prize for Large Applique. A lot of attention was put into the backside of the quilt as well, which we were able to see with the assistance of a white-gloved quilt show volunteer.

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