Friday, February 15, 2008

snowy valentine

Be careful what you ask for. I've been mentioning how much I've missed winter living here, in sunny San Diego. Yesterday, I was rudely faced by the cold weather after a record-breaking warm weekend. Okay, relatively speaking, it was the 40's, which is a drastic change from the high 70's just two days before.

About an hour East of where we live, Palomar Mountain was covered with snow which stranded drivers and caused many accidents. No snow plows around here, I guess. A good excuse to stay safe and warm at home with your Valentine.


Karolina said...

Hey there,
I love your blog, what templete are you using. I am trying to make people visit my web but I have no idea how to start. Could you possibly give me some tips?

P.s. 40's in NY is nice at this time of the year. A week ago we got hit with 11 degree weather. What do you say about that :)

kharmi said...

Thanks, Karolina. Yes, I know, I really have nothing to complain about, esp. since I was in shorts and flip flops the other day.

I'm actually just using one of the basic templates offered by blogger. If you look at the templates from the layout tab, this template will be one of the first ones listed.

As for traffic to my blog...I force feed it to my friends and family. ha!

Good luck and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

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